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        Electric dust bag dust comprehensive technical modification
        Due to environmental standards continue to improve, many in the service of the electric dust collector has been unable to meet the new requirements of dust emissions, especially a lot of dust collector using dry desulfurization, flue gas discharge is not compliance. Electric change bag is an inevitable choice for the user.
        Scheme and key points:
        1, using the spray pulse bag filter technology in the electric precipitator into existing pulse long bag type dust collector;
        Bag type dust collecting unit 2 to retain the original of the electric dust collector base and shell import and export, ash and ash discharge system and transformed into the;
        3, removal of top the original collector box, high voltage power supply, internal cathodic system, vibration device, import part flow layout;
        Special filter 4, which is suitable for conditions of flue gas dust resistance, guarantee;
        5, a bag dust collector box, flower plate, spray top device, bag, bag cage, the import of flue local transformation;
        6 to replace the exhaust fan to ensure the system resistance
        Reconstruction after spray pulse bag filter technology parameters:

        Quantity of flue gas

        420000m³/h(150) resistance of the equipment <1700Pa
         inlet gas temperature Normal150Abnormal260棨Instantaneous Design of filtration velocity 0.97m/min
         Entrance dust concentration Q100Nm³ Total filtration area


         Flue gas composition raw mill and kiln tail gas Pulse cleaning gas pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa

        Export concentration

        <10mg/Nm³ Compressed air consumption ~3.5Nm/min

        The original electrostatic dust technology parameters:


        Quantity of flue gas 324000m³/h(120) Electric field area 121m²
         inlet gas temperature Normal120Abnormal300棨nstantaneous Flue gas composition raw mill and waste gas of kiln tail
         Entrance dust concentration Q10mg/Nm³

        Export volume concentration

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