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        Mining and metallurgy furnace flue gas purification technology

        Flue gas characteristics:

        1.kinds of furnace flue gas volume

        Electric furnace(KVA) 3500 6300 12500 16500 25000
        Flue gas volume(Nm³/h) 23000 35000 70000 105000 156000
        Flue gas volume(180-210) 40000 60000 120000 180000 267000

        Main technical parameters 2 ore smelting electric furnace flue gas


        Flue gas volume


        main components

        Dust concentration(g/m³)

        dispersion number(%) Dust density(g/m³)
         Ferrosilicon75% 1500-2000 500-700 SiO?98% 90-175 < 1:1.79% 0.22-0.3
        1100 500-800 SiO?22% 40 0.55
         Carbon ferromanganese 780-1050 500-700 SaO?468% 50-150 0.62-0.9
         Manganese silicon alloy 800-1200 SaO?86% 45-105 0.65
         Silicon iron alloy 800-1200 SiO?90% 40-60 0.25

        Purification system of bag type dust collector:

        2 dust removal equipment selectionThe air cooler has cyclone action, in order to collect carbon; bag type dust collector using AXS sectional reverse blow fiberglass bag type collector or ADMC branch line jet pulsed bag filter.

        Emission concentration

        resistance of the equipment service life of the filter bag

        Pulse valve life

        Leakage rate

        Dust content of silicon

        < 50mg/Nm³ < 1500Pa < 1.5-2 > 5 < 3%  > 95%
        Selection of filter material:
        1 the traditional glass fiber composite material
        The filter with glass fiber, mixed with chemical fiber, its wear resistance, high temperature resistance and flexural performance, can be used for pulse and reverse blowing bag filter; the filter media at more than 200 , its price is low, but the filtration velocity is 0.5-0.6m/min, larger volume.
        2 is made of glass fiber membrane filter media
        The filter material to withstand high temperature (260-300 ), filtering accuracy, filtration velocity can be increased to 1m/min, and the dust off, but the media has strict requirements for the filter bag frame, and the price is high.
        An articleLPF (M) series of bag type anti explosion dusterNextJKDC series cylinder fiberglass bag type dust collector
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