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        Today is 2021 Year 9 month 17 Day  Friday
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        JKDC series cylinder fiberglass bag type dust collector
        This product is our company on the basis of summarizing various series of glass fiber bag precipitator characteristics, by optimizing the design of the patent product (patent number: ZL 200420024115.6), the use of novel cylindrical body, a top air inlet, through the central wind pipe into lower, even into the room, the design is more reasonable, but also solve the problem of LFEF series of glass fiber bag precipitator ash and other flower plate glass fiber bag precipitator each chamber air inlet uneven. Because the center of gravity down, convenient installation, maintenance, maintenance of equipment.
        The device is also equipped with computer technology control, switching valve cleaning, cleaning is more thorough, high degree of automation, running more stable, with the host running rate is higher, the outlet of chimney emission concentration less than the national emission standard of 100mg/Nm (up to 50mg/Nm ³).
        The equipment is not stopping points room change bag, simple operation, safe and reliable, is the ideal equipment to solve the flue gas of furnace.
        Technical parameters:


        JKDC-400 JKDC-450 JKDC-500 JKDC-550 JKDC-600 JKDC-700 JKDC-800
         Air volume(m³/h) 72000 78000 90000 100000 112000 126000 144000
         filter area(O) 2400 2600 3000 3300 3600 4200 4800
         Unit number(Room) 6 6 6 6 6 86 8
        number of bagsOnly 576 720
         Filtration velocity <0.5(m/min)
         Resistance(Pa) <1500
         Entrance temperature 280
         dust collection efficiency% >99.9
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        Headquarters address: Yancheng City Liberation Road No. 58 building 19 layer Phone: +86-15161989891Ms kelly)
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