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        Today is 2021 Year 9 month 5 Day  Sunday
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        ZH (B) combined (inner) loop powder selecting machine
        The product combines dynamic separator separation, Japan O-Sepa swirl separator separation, cage rotor powder selecting machine, cyclone, dust separation and coarse powder cleaning and separation in one, is my company in reference to the most advanced selected base powder technology, developed a selective powder equipment development. Powder selecting efficiency is high, the energy conservation effect is obvious.
        Performance characteristics:
        ZH (B) series combined type internal circulation powder selecting function to deal with the large amount of material, powder concentration, the finished product was collected using internal and external circulation combined mode, the system is simple and practical, can be omitted, coarse powder separator for processing large amounts of dust gas and the establishment, so its superiority is more obvious. Widely used in cement, raw circle grinding system in cement production process, but also can be used as classification equipment and other non-metallic mineral powder.
        Technical characteristics:
        1, the suspension of pre separation technology to create a good condition for powder;
        Classification of 2 horizontal eddy current, accurate, improve the powder selecting efficiency and product specific surface area;
        3, combination of closed-circuit circulation, simplifies the process, reduces the investment and the installed capacity;
        4, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient adjustment, a multi machine.
        Technical parameters:
        Powder selecting machine  Specifications ZH-500 ZH-800 ZH-1000 ZH-1500 ZH-2000




        19-36 29-55 36-62 55-96 85-110
         Raw material 27-51 41-78 54-88 78-135 108-165
         Maximum feeding(t/h)


        95 145 190 272 372
         Raw material 135 205 270 390 540
         Powder selecting air(unitfm³/h) 3-4 4.5-5.5 6-7.0 9-11 12-15
         resistance of the equipment(kPa) 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0
         Reducer Model B2SV-2 B2SV-2 B2SV-3 B2SV-4 B2SV-4
         Velocity ratio 5 5 5.6 6.3 6.3

        Electric machinery

         Model Y160L-2 Y200L-2 Y225M-4 Y280S-4 Y280M-4
         Power(kw) 18.5 30 45 75 90

        Circulating fan

         Model G5-48No11.5D G5-48No12.5D G5-47No12.5D G4-73No14D G4-73No14D
         Revolutions(r.p.m) 1450 1450 1450 1450 1450
         Air volume(m³/h) 37359 58485 70410 108302 154910
         Wind pressure(Pa) 4635 4782 4924 4840 4990
         Motor model Y280S-4 Y315S-4 Y315M-4 Y315M1-4 Y355M2-4
         Power(kw) 75 110 132 185 280
         Thin oil station  Model XYZ-6G XYZ-6G XYZ-10G XYZ-10G XYZ-10G
         Flow(I/min) 6 6 10 10
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