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        BSH combined three cylinder
        Technical characteristics:

        1, the equipment investment is required to imported products 1/6;

        2, to ensure the material water content is below 0.5%, the dry mixed mortar and slag powder production line product of choice;

        3, cylinder self thermal insulation thermal efficiency as high as 70% or more (the traditional single cylinder drying machine thermal efficiency is only 35%), heat efficiency is increased by 35%;

        4, the fuel can be adapted to coal, oil and gas, can bake the 20mm block, granular and powdery materials;

        5, than the single cylinder drying machine to reduce the area of about 50%, the investment of construction is reduced by about 50%, reduce power consumption by 60%;

        6, according to the requirements of users can easily control the final moisture index;

        7, air temperature is low, dust removal equipment, long service life;

        8, without the size of gear transmission, using the wheel drive.

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